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How to Install HP Printer Setup

Hewlett Packard printers or most commonly known as HP printers are the viable choice for customers who are conscious about the brand and are concerned about the quality of the product. Setting up the newly bought printer is fairly easy, and it is a great experience for you.


HP Printer Installation Hardware Setup:

The first thing to do is unpack the printer and look for the instruction manual.

Following the instruction on the manual, connect the power cord of the printer to a power source and turn the printer on.

Set up your preferences in the control panel regarding the time, language and country/region.

Install the print cartridges properly using the instruction provided in the manual and in the input tray, load some papers.

After how to install hp printer without cud, you will then need to connect it to the internet. If it is applicable, you can use an Ethernet or wired connection. But take note that when the HP printer is connected wired, the wireless system cannot be used at the same time. HP Printer Support +1-844-728-2930.

If you prefer to use a wireless connection for your printer, there are four methods to connect wirelessly:

HP Auto Wireless Connect

Install the software and when the onscreen instruction appears, follow the steps. Make sure to select ‘Network

(Ethernet/Wireless) for the type of connection, and select “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer (recommended)”.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Check the HP manual about how to do the WPS pushbutton mode and follow the instruction. When you have started the mode, press the WPS button on the wireless router within two minutes.

HP Wireless Setup Wizard (printers with touch display)

Select the Wireless Setup Wizard on the settings of the Network menu and choose your network name, then enter your wireless password. If your network name does not appear, type it manually.

USB setup of wireless (printers without touch display)

Get a USB cable and connect your HP Printer Installation-. Go to Installing Printer Software and follow the instruction. Remember to detach the USB cable only when the software says so.

When the printer is already connected to the network, process registration to have a personal dashboard and sign up for the HP Instant Ink. If in case you still need help, feel free to contact the hp printer tech support phone number +1-844-728-2930 for an expert guidance from friendly and accommodating representatives.

HP wireless printer setup

There are a few simple steps of installing or initiating the installation of HP drivers on your MAC system. The first step is, of course, turning on your printer. The installation of drivers cannot be initiated without powering your printer. After this step, connect the printer to the MAC device using a high-speed USB cable. Unless you connect the HP printer on your Mac, then it will be impossible to initiate the whole process of installation. You will also be required to add something on the print queue so that as soon as the installation process is done, the printing process will be automatically tested.

Click on software update and then wait for MAC OSX to check for any available updates regarding HP printers. These are very important because HP Printer Support and printing properties on each and every OS are constantly being updated to enhance efficiency. A software update window will open and you will be required to select the right updates before initiating the process of installation. As soon as your printer updates are done, restart your computer and go to the next step.

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