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Different Ways to Align HP Printer

HP Printer is a remarkable and popular printer among the users. It provides a perfect and long lasting
printing service. A number of users are satisfied with the services such as- faxing, scanning, printing, etc
which are offered by HP. HP printers are very famous because of their fantastic designs, looks, and
But sometimes, unfortunately, you may find that your HP Printer ink fails to line up correctly
on the printed page. You will see your printer is showing an “alignment failed” error
message. In this case, it can be possible that your printer is out of alignment. So now you do
not have to worry regarding this issue. This post will help you to resolve your printer
alignment issue. You can alignment your Hewlett-Packard printer by aligning your ink
cartridges, resetting the printer, or using a different type of paper.


First of all, turn on your Printer.
Open the printer’s input tray and insert a small stack of plain white paper.
Open the HP Solution Centre application on your computer system.
If you are a frequent user of Windows PC, locate the application by pressing on“Start,” followed by
“Programs,” followed by “HP.”
Then click on “Settings,” and select “Print Settings” within the HP support number.
Press on “Printer Toolbox to open it on your screen.
Now click on “support the Print Cartridges option.”
Click on “support,” and then please follow the on-screen displayed information to calibrate your printer
and properly align the cartridges.


Switch on your Printer first. Disconnect the power cord of the printer from inside the printer during
power on.
Then disconnect the printer power cord from the electric supply.
Please wait for few seconds then connect the power cord again into the electrical supply.

Then connect your power cord to the back of the printer again.
Wait until your printer automatically turns on by itself.
Press the printer power button, if your printer not able to automatically power on.
Take a print test to check if your printer is working properly now.


Open your printer’s input tray and remove all the paper carefully.
Check if the paper is cleaning, unused and U.S.
Check that your paper size is A4.
Sometimes your printer goes out of alignment if you have use photo, color, or used rough paper.
Remove any type of photo, color or used paper and insert plain white paper into the printer’s input tray.
Touch the right side arrow and select ‘Setup” from your printer’s control panel home screen, select the
“Tools” option.
Then touch the down arrow and choose “Align Printer” option.
The printer will take a test print to check the alignment of the printer.
Open the upper cover of the printer and locate the placement test page on the screen glass in the
printed side face down.
Then position the paper along the front side corner of the printer-scanner glass.
Exit the lid of the printer and click on the OK option.
Your printer will automatically scan the alignment page.
Take a test print to check, and it will show a series of marks that are black and blue in color.
Check the colored mark to confirm that neither of the colors is looking faded, inconsistent or streaky.
If colored marks show any inconsistencies, then you need to change one or both of the ink cartridges to
solve this issue.
At last, give a print command to check that your printer is working properly any issue is not showing on
your screen.
We hope that by following the processes given above you will be able to get rid of alignment issue from
your printer.

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